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Setting up and dismantling is the responsibility of the hirer.

The grounds must be left in the same state as when they were hired.

The Society does not have a rubbish collection and so the hirer is responsible for rubbish removal. There are numerous drums made available for your use, and these must be emptied within 3 days of the completion of your event for hygiene reasons.  The Society can arrange a contractor for this purpose at your cost.

Major events could be charged for power if the anticipated usage is high.

Toilet blocks will be cleaned and stocked beforehand. If large numbers are expected, then the cleaning and restocking of paper etc. during the event is the hirer's responsibility, or the Society can arrange a contractor at your cost.

The Society sometimes negotiates on a fee for multiple days hiring, or even an annual fee for regular users.

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Hire Form



$290             Cartwright Pavilion (Conditions apply)


$215             Main Oval (includes catering shed)


$250             Sheep Pavilion

                            (An additional cost of $150 is required if sheep pens need to be

                            dismantled by the committee prior to your event)


$150             Bull Pavilion


$110             Showgrounds Hall

                     (plus $100 prepaid bond refundable upon inspection)


$15               Stabling per day per horse 

                     (68 stables available for horse clubs /events) 

                            (plus a refundable bond of $400 -if using for a major event- and a 

                            sawdust supply surcharge of $10 per stable)



$22               singles/couple powered camping site

$25               family powered camping site

$15               singles/couple unpowered site

$18               family unpowered camping site

$5                 shower

                           (28 powered sites available, suitable for motor homes.

                            Pets are allowed on the grounds)


$1e                Chairs

$6e                Trestles/tables

Arena & Hall


The main arena under lights for the 2011 State Dressage Championships.







The Showgrounds Hall used for the 2011 State Dressage Championships official dinner - seating 100 people.